Canal Classics, a photobook by Roel Siebrand

Foreword by Hans Aarsman

I like vintage cars and I like Amsterdam. Because these cars are getting scarce to be seen 'in the wild' in my city, I started photographing them. My assignment was: make a photo that does justice to both city and vehicle. That was quite a challenge and for some cars I had to cycle past them quite often until the car was properly parked with no other cars around and the city could show itself from its most beautiful side. This book is a tribute to the disappearing vintage cars from the streets of Amsterdam.

‘Canal Classics’ is for sale in the following Amsterdam bookstores:
Athenaeum, Spui 14-16 • Hoogstins, Kinkerstraat 117 • Java Bookshop, Javastraat 145 • Martyrium, Van Baerlestraat 170 • Linnaeus Boekhandel, Middenweg 29 • Over Het Water, Van der Pekstraat 59 • Van Pampus, KNSM-laan 303 • Robert Premsela, Van Baerlestraat 78 • Van Rossum, Beethovenstraat 32 • Scheltema, Rokin 9 • Stadsboekwinkel, Vijzelstraat 32 • Zwart Op Wit, Utrechtsestraat 149 • De Nieuwe Boekhandel, Bos en Lommerweg 227

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